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Cookies are a text file that is stored locally with the user to save settings, recognize the computer, clarify advertisements and make statistics. The text file is then read by the website you visit to make use of the information.

On our website, we use cookies to ensure the user’s visit to the website and our website provider collects information to perform targeted advertisements and statistics.

Our partners use this data to streamline their services.

On our website you always have the option to delete or block cookies that are not necessary. This means that the ads you see may become less relevant to you.

We use cookies from third parties that help maintain the website for us.  Our website provider has a data center in the USA which is where the cookie information is stored. The longest storage time for our cookies is 2 years.

Your data protection rights as a data subject

As a data subject, you have specific rights that you can use in connection with the personal data that we have registered about you.

  1. Right of access
  2. Right to rectification
  3. Right to erasure
  4. Right to data portability
  5. Right to restriction of processing
  6. Right to object
  7. Right not to be subject to an automated decision

If you are interested in an elaboration of what your rights mean, the Danish Data Protection Agency has a guide on their website which is linked below:


We use the personal data for the purpose of identifying you as a user and to create security cookies to ensure your visit to our website. Our supplier uses personal data to create targeted ads that are more relevant to you.

Insights and complaints

You have the right to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency about our processing of your personal data. The Danish Data Protection Agency has a guide, which is available on their website:

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