Our story

You might wonder why our brand is closely linked to the maritime industry with images of windfarms, ships, and the ocean. Here is the story behind. 

Henrik our founder initially pursued a career as military deployed securing network and connectivity in various European war zones in the early 1990’s. After more than 11 years wearing the green uniform, he decided to follow his dream of becoming an educated electrician and later IT-Architect, combining his experience securing IT in tough and difficult environments with his other vast interest and passion; the sea. Henrik founded KJAER DATA in 2003, and mainly concentrated on the maritime industry, where it likewise sometimes can be very challenging to secure connectivity and network. That is why the blue element proudly take up a significant part of our brand.

Who we are

At KJAER DATA, we constantly care for each other, our customers, and the future. We have fun while working and focus on education and encourage to take additional training/new certificates, so that we are constantly at the forefront of new knowledge.

Weekly we offer outdoor training that strengthens both our physique but certainly also contributes to the social part and reduces stress. These initiatives maintain unity, strengthen friendships, and create innovative ideas and solutions to the work challenges that can occur.

Our values

  • We are sincere and trustworthy.
  • We are responsive, ambitious and have a winning mind-set.
  • We are welcoming and positive.
  • We display respect to ourselves, our partners, the environment, and to the future.

Our ambition

Our ambition is strong sustainable customer partnerships, uptime, and time/cost efficiency.

We partner with our customers and are specialized in connectivity, IT-security, IT-network, IT-infrastructure, and world-wide data protection – And we support our customers 24/7.

As D-sealed (Danish acknowledgement within IT-security and responsible data use), we work toward focusing on and supporting IT security, keeping data safe, in everything we achieve.

Our vision

Our vision has consistently been: To work smarter while focusing on IT-security by helping facilitate an easier and more efficient workday in which IT becomes part of the solution and not part of the challenge.

With our IT solutions, our aim is to enable our customers to work smarter and more secure, releasing staff resources for more valuable tasks in their own businesses.

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