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The NIS2 directive, along with other initiatives like the maritime IACS
E26 regulation, focuses on enhancing cybersecurity across sectors
and within specific technologies and products such as AI and IoT.

NIS2 aims to strengthen company resilience, which form the foundation
of any digitally supported business. This includes both physical and
non-physical components and services used for communication and
data processing over the internet.





How to get started with NIS2

By following these steps, you can ensure that your company becomes compliant with NIS2 and maintains a high standard of cybersecurity.

By working with KJAER DATA, your company can become and remain compliant with NIS2 and other cybersecurity standards. Our experienced consultants and experts in cybersecurity and
D-marking will help map your needs and implement the necessary implementation initiatives.




What to expect from a NIS GAP analysis 

With a GAP analysis, we compare your organization’s current maturity with the requirements of NIS2 to identify where your organization can strengthen its cybersecurity initiatives and reach an acceptable level of compliance.

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