Data Ethics Policy

Version 1.1

Classification: Public

KJAER DATA. D. 29/03-2022

1 Politics

This is KJAER DATA’s policy on data ethics, which describes the overall approach to data ethics and what KJAER DATA wants to achieve through the policy (goals). In addition, the policy describes the scope, responsibilities, implementation, and follow-up, as well as how this is reported to KJAER DATA management.

1.1 Introduction

KJAER DATA’s data ethics policy is used to determine how we treat data responsibly, transparently and correctly in relation to data ethics.

KJAER DATA’s data ethics policy aims to show how we work responsibly as a data controller. KJAERDATA would like to be perceived as a company that complies with applicable legislation and processes data ethically correctly.

This policy applies to the entire company and its employees. This applies to how we collect, process, use, share and delete data.

1.2 Goals

At KJAER DATA, we want to show with this policy that we keep data safe and process data safely for our customers and business partners. 

KJAER DATA has chosen to incorporate data ethics into their work because of the importance of processing data properly and certain our customers and partners that we live up to the responsibility.

1.3 Scope

The scope of this policy applies to customer data, employee data and data about business partners. Data includes structured and unstructured data.

The policy covers areas such as the legal requirements that will be required by the company, such as gdpr, and the responsible use of data that we produce and collect.

1.4 Liability

The Board of Directors of KJAER DATA approves the policy on data ethics, which is updated annually or if there are relevant changes in the company. The IT security officer reports to management at least once a year on the work with data ethics.

This policy on data ethics from KJAER DATA is published on our website.

Management is responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented in KJAER DATA’s day-to-day operations. This is done by establishing relevant processes and business processes for their implementation in the responsible those responsible.

The responsibility for integrating data ethics into day-to-day operations lies with management., who are also responsible for implementing any goals.

1.5 Visibility

KJAER DATA wants to support processes, data processing and development that emphasizes:

  1. Self-determination, in KJAER DATA we should give customers ownership and self-determination over their data. As a data processor, you should ensure that the owners of the data can use their rights easily and simply. We ensure that customers have the opportunity to delete, object and correct their own data.
  2. Security, KJAER DATA should ensure customers’ data securely and confidentially, so that unauthorized persons cannot access the data. To comply with this, we do not have data lying around freely and made rights so that those the data belongs to can access it and the relevant employees.
  3. Transparency, KJAER DATA should provide insight into customers’ own data and understanding of the use of that data. Customers are therefore provided with information about the purpose, function, security and limitations of their data. Customers should feel safe when entering into an agreement with us on the processing and storage of data.
  4. Accountability, that all employees of KJAER DATA should contribute to responsible and ethically correct processing of data. Therefore, we should ensure systematic work with data when collecting and processing. In this regard, KJAER DATA has made internal policies that are used to ensure all employees can work responsibly and ethically correctly with data.

2.0 Authentication

This policy was adopted by KJAER DATA CEO on 29.03-2022



Henrik Nyland Kjær