Health and Wellbeing, Quality education, Gender equality, Decent jobs and Economic growth,
Less inequality, Responsible consumption and production, and Climate efforts

Facts about KJAER DATA: CVR: 30836030
KJAER DATA is a provider of IT solutions (Network, Security, and Infrastructure) within
both the offshore and onshore markets. KJAER DATA has an office in Odense and
employs 23 people.

At KJAER DATA, we believe that the future requires us to become even more skilled at working across and not least sharing knowledge and experiences with each other. Therefore, part of our 3year strategy until 2025 is to help each other even more, across professional groups, so that
we can effectively achieve what we put effort into and strive to achieve:

Gender equality, inclusion, and diversity

This initiative supports SDG 10
We have a talented woman on the board, she makes up 25% of the board. KJAER DATA is divided 50/50% on both genders in sales/administration – The distribution in our technical department, tells us that we have 90% men employed, but this is natural as there are not so many female technicians. We are generally in favor when it comes to being diverse and therefore KJAER DATA has also employed employees from ethnic backgrounds other than Danish, and we have hired employees with physical disabilities.

Decent jobs and economic growth

This initiative supports SDGs 4 and 8
We in KJAER DATA take social responsibility by educating students. The past 18 years, we have continuously engaged with minimum 2 interns per year. In addition, we made agreements with several school trainees.

We focus on education and encourage our employees to take additional training/new certificates, so that we are constantly at the forefront of the new knowledge and thus our employees feel that they are evolving and that we ensure competent manpower for the future.

Health and well

This initiative supports SDGs 3 and 17
There is a great focus on the health and well-being of employees in KJAER DATA. We work to have an everyday life characterized by activities and movement in an otherwise sedentary working life.

Movement contributes to good health, and oxygen to the brain provides energy and excess. We strengthen this at KJAER DATA, where we offer outdoor training every week that strengthens both the employees’ physique but certainly also contributes to the social part and reduces stress. These initiatives maintain unity, strengthen friendships, and create innovative ideas and solutions to the work challenges that can occur.
We give our employees the opportunity to have small active breaks where they can play table tennis or table football in the office and thereby get their heads cleaned. At the same time, we are in a scenic area with a cultural park and many beautiful trails in the forest that are used extensively for brainstorms, walk talks or simply breaks in the open air.
We have a food scheme with green alternatives and fruit scheme with mixed fresh fruit every week.

In KJAER DATA, we also support Team Rynkeby and the Sclerosis Association, where 33% of our employees have reported their support in the form of participation in 100 km of bicycle races across the Great Belt. Our scenic surroundings invite more than just walks, so we have also launched MTB tours with customers, suppliers, and staff. We are located opposite Odense Golf Club and will also offer customers and suppliers to go on a trip on the golf court and play a round of golf. This gives rise to networking while the body is active on the golf course. In addition, we support the local
golf club.
We must take care of our health and not least our well-being. That is why we offer our employees’ health insurance, which also includes dental insurance.

Climate action

This initiative supports SDG 13
Where relevant KJAER DATA recycles/repairs equipment for customers, instead of throwing equipment out and buying new ones. We will focus on being carbon neutral by the year 2025 in terms of the operation of buildings, corporate and air transport. We will solely drive electrical company cars by 2025.

Focus on IT equipment, wall art and furniture

This initiative supports SDG 12
We are also aware of who we buy furniture and equipment from, so we ensure that what our products/equipment is properly produced.
The interior design of our office includes used furniture and objects.