Supporting your needs for data protection 


Online platform for GDPR monitoring and documentation 

By using an platform designed to help organizations comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that provides tools for mapping, controls, risk assessments, analyses, and documentation of GDPR-related processes. The portal is user-friendly and accessible, guiding users through the implementation process and ongoing maintenance work without requiring expert knowledge. It supports organizations in being GDPR compliant and offers varying levels of consultant involvement based on the company’s needs

Contact KJAER DATA for support advisory and implementation of
your GDPR needs 

  • GDPR GAP analysis
  • Evaluation of eg. risk analysis, DPIA, data stream 
  •  IT contingency plan & IT Policies & processes  
  • Technical measure for data protection
  • GDPR tools for user-friendly monitoring & documentation
  • GDPR Awereness training (e-learning, phising ..)